About Us

Our Approach

Welcome to House of Stu, a blog that was created to share easy, nutritious and delicious vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian meals with you and your loved ones.

We all need to eat to live. But why eat just anything? Let’s aim to eat meals that will leave our bodies and taste buds happy.

In your kitchen, you should never have to make a compromise between healthy and tasty food - the two can always be married.

Our Story

How it all began

In 2014, I moved away from my home country Jamaica for the first time to live and work in Barbados (aka BIM). But just like any true Jamaican, after a short while in my new home, I found myself gravely missing the Jamaican cuisine, which was either ridiculously expensive to purchase or just totally unavailable. So, out of a need to maintain my sanity, I decided it was time to get my hands dirty in the kitchen. And so I did!

Soon I fell in love with cooking and happily invited over friends to share in meals I had prepared. On one such occasion, after all my BIM family (friends - who I now regard as family) indulged in a dinner that I had prepared, I was suddenly being nudged to start a restaurant at some point in the future. What would it be called? House of Stu!

House of Stu in its current form is not a restaurant, however. It is a blog created for the busy professional who is interested in creating easy, nutritious and delicious meals using fresh and readily-available ingredients.

As I am a transitioned pescatarian since 2018, most of the meals which I will share will be either vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian. Enjoy and feel free to share my page with your family and friends!